Emergency and accidents when travelling

In the cold season (December, January, February and March) and on rainy and windy days, it is advisable to travel on large boats, which have enclosed compartments and roll less. In the stormy season (August, September and October), it is advisable to consult the tourist information centre before travelling to Hạ Long. Tourists should comply with any temporary travel restrictions on the bay to avoid dangers. Before paying for a tour, tourists should know what kind of boat the tourist company has hired for them. Tourists should be aware of where the life jackets are stowed and whether they are adequate. If a person falls overboard, anyone nearby should call loudly for help and immediately throw down a lifebuoy. Those who are strong swimmers should take a life belt and save the victim. First aid, such as artificial respiration, chest press or making the victim vomit water, should be attempted if necessary. If someone becomes unconscious or gets injured: Any doctor or nurse, or anyone with good knowledge of first aid should help. If necessary, call for help from other boats, use the walkie-talkie in the steering cabin or use a mobile phone to call the information centre at the Tourist Wharf for help. In case of unusually strong wind: Tourists should insist that boat heads for the nearest island that offer an anchorage and shelter.