Staying on boat

Moving About the Ship

It goes without saying that this is a ship rather than a hotel, and as such you will need to take care when moving about the decks – they can be slippery. Please take extra care when using the stairs – which on board ship are steeper than you may be used to. It’s best to always use the handrails.


Your cabin has its own air-conditioning unit, which can be adjusted for your comfort. We recommend you do not over- cool your cabin as the sudden change from the outside temperature to a chilled cabin can bring on colds, respiratory illnesses and even stomach upsets. For upper and main deck cabins: At night you may prefer to use the fan only, and have the windows open. Insect netting covers the windows to enable you to do this. Please do not leave your air-conditioner on with the window open – this results in energy loss.

Insect Precautions

External doors and the gauze windows should be kept closed at all times -day and night. At night, if on deck or going ashore make sure to rub ankles and other exposed parts with repellent. However, outside urban areas mosquito is less of a problem than other forms of insect life. Make sure to switch off lights when leaving your cabin so as not to lure them in. Between January and March insects, but not mosquito, can be a real problem and invade the ship. Fortunately these are relatively harmless. Mosquito on the river, which is fast flowing, are rarely to be seen.